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Introducing Atomstack's New Products: H2 Laser Engravers Riser Kit, R5 Automatic Conveyor Feeder, and CR1 Control Terminal


Atomstack has been dedicated to providing innovative solutions in the laser engraving industry. The latest releases from Atomstack include the CR1 Control Terminal, R5 Automatic Conveyor Feeder, and H2 Laser Engravers Riser Kit. These products aim to offer users a more convenient and efficient laser engraving experience. Let's explore the features and benefits of these new products, as well as how they meet the needs of users, enhancing the efficiency and experience of laser engraving work.


1.Atomstack H2 Laser Engravers Riser Kit

Height Adjustment Feature: The Atomstack H2 Laser Engravers Riser Kit is easy to install and compatible with A6/A12/A24 Pro series engravers, offering flexible adjustment of the working height. With the H2 kit, you can effortlessly adjust the working height to accommodate different thicknesses of materials. Increasing the working height is particularly beneficial for cutting thicker templates and provides enough space to place rollers like Atomstack Maker R1, meeting a wider range of engraving needs.

Additionally, the Atomstack H2 Laser Engravers Riser Kit can be used in conjunction with the Atomstack R5 Automatic Conveyor Feeder to enhance work efficiency. Moreover, placing a honeycomb board on the riser helps accelerate heat dissipation during cutting, reducing burn marks of materials. After cutting, the finished pieces also have smooth edges and don't have oil stains.


2.Atomstack R5 Automatic Conveyor Feeder

Atomstack R5 Automatic Conveyor Feeder employs advanced sensor technology and a precise control system to achieve automatic engraving path planning and material conveying.

Key Features:

Automated Operation: The Atomstack R5 Automatic Conveyor Feeder enables fully automated operation. Simply set the production parameters, and it automatically supplies raw materials during processing, eliminating manual material feeding and accuracy deviation. This saves on labor and time costs.

Multi-Material Support: The feeder supports simultaneous processing of multiple materials, enhancing production efficiency. However, unlike the xTool P2's automatic conveyor feeder, which expands the material range to include soft materials like felt, cork, and EVA, the Atomstack R5 does not support soft materials, and its wheels may leave dents.

High Compatibility: Compatible with 95% of frame-type laser engravers on the market, the Atomstack R5 can be widely used across different brands and models of laser engraving machines. The installation process is simple and quick, with a working area of up to 800*400*40mm.


3.Atomstack CR1 Control Terminal

The Atomstack CR1 Control Terminal is a useful accessory for laser engraving machines. It provides instant control for A6, A12, and A24 Pro series laser engravers without the need for a computer or mobile phone connection. This design allows you to operate your engraving machine directly on the work site, without being limited by wired or wireless network connections.

Key Features:

Real-Time Control: The Atomstack CR1 Control Terminal allows you to control your engraving machine in real-time. With just a simple button, you can adjust laser power, speed, and depth to achieve precise engraving and cutting.

Independent Operation: No longer dependent on computer or phone connections, the Atomstack CR1 Control Terminal frees you from complex network settings and device pairing. Simply connect the control terminal to your laser engraving machine, and you can start working immediately.

Convenient Operation: With an intuitive 3.5-inch touch screen interface and easy-to-understand operation, the Atomstack CR1 Control Terminal is user-friendly. There's no need for complicated steps—all it takes is a few simple actions to complete complex engraving tasks.

The Atomstack CR1 Control Terminal offers some convenience and improves work efficiency to a certain extent.



The accessories from Atomstack's new series are not essential, but if you have specific needs in these areas, it's worth considering purchasing them. For the latest updates on new products in the laser engraving industry, make sure to follow Creatorally's newsletter. Stay informed and be the first to know about the latest innovations. Subscribe now for timely updates!


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