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Introducing Atomstack AC2 Wireless Camera and Sculpfun RA PRO MAX

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The laser engraving industry is thriving. As people increasingly seek better engraving experiences, companies that make laser engravers and cutters are constantly innovating. At the same time, there's significant development in accessories. Today, we will focus on two newly launched accessories: the Atomstack AC2 Wireless Camera and the Sculpfun RA PRO MAX. Let's see what each product offers.


1.Atomstack AC2 Wireless Camera

Atomstack AC2 Wireless Camera

High adaptability

The Atomstack AC2 has a bracket quick adjustment design, making it easy to plug and play. It is compatible with 95% of frame-type laser engravers on the market that are within 450mm in size. Additionally, it boasts a large working area of 400*400mm, providing ample space for a wide range of projects.

Precision in Positioning

Accuracy is key in engraving, and the AC2 excels with its precise positioning. It automatically recognizes the position of the object and locates the working area with up to 1mm accuracy. This means more precision and less room for error, allowing for flawless engravings every time.

Batch Engraving Made Easy

The Atomstack AC2 Wireless Camera lets you engrave or cut many shapes at once, not just one at a time. Here’s how it works: Put your materials and designs into the laser engraver and LightBurn. Then, the camera shows you the engraving as it happens. You can also move the laser head for the next part of your project. The AC2 makes this easy and efficient, changing how you work on many projects. Plus, it helps use less material, saving resources.

Visual Preview for Simplicity

It means you don’t need to do the manual framing. The AC2 features a visual preview, allowing you to see the work area before you start. This not only saves time but also enhances the accuracy of your projects. With the AC2, you get a clear picture of how your engraving will look, ensuring each project is done right the first time.


2.Sculpfun RA PRO MAX

Sculpfun RA PRO MAX, this is the latest rotary engraving innovation from Sculpfun! This acessory is impressive with its four-in-one functionality, combining roller, chuck, sphere, and ring rotary capabilities. Unlike its last generation that were limited to cylindrical objects, the RA PRO MAX can skillfully handle a variety of shapes. Whether it's spherical objects, cones, rings, mugs, or even wine glasses, this tool does it all with precision. Now, you can engrave on spherical items, cones, rings, mugs, and even wine glasses with ease. A particularly notable feature is the ability to engrave the inside of rings, adding a personal touch to jewelry. Additionally, it supports mugs with handles, making it perfect for customizing your favorite cup. The RA PRO MAX opens up more application scenarios, making it a versatile and indispensable tool for all your creative engraving needs.



These accessories offer flexibility, precision, and new possibilities. They're important for anyone wanting to improve their engraving experience. Simple, efficient, and innovative, these tools are transforming creativity. At Creatorally, we're committed to sharing reliable information and practical guidance. To customize our upcoming content based on your interests, please email us at with your preferences. We look forward to receiving your feedback. Subscribe to our newsletter for timely updates!


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