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Atomstack Maker AC-1 Laser Camera Setup



1. Industrial digital camera: Different from electronic cameras, the atomstack maker camera is a real 500W pixel high-definition industrial digital camera, which ensures accurate positioning when used;
2. Super large positioning area: industrial wide-angle lens, perfectly suitable for 410*400mm frame machines;
3. Accurate positioning: The industrial camera customized for laser engraving machine, depth matching lightburn software, after simple calibration, it can realize area-finding engraving, automatically locate the position of the item for work, and the positioning error is less than 0.5mm; 
4. Work preview: It is no longer necessary to straighten the engraving material. The atomstack maker camera perfectly solves the positioning problem of special-shaped patterns. Now you can design directly on the surface of the consumable, and what you see is what you get; 
5. Multi-task operation: through the precise positioning of the camera, multiple independent tasks can now be completed at one time. Under the guidance of the camera, the laser will automatically find the engraved objects one by one and work; 
6. Time-lapse shooting: Please share your amazing creative process with everyone. Through camera time-lapse shooting, you can record the entire process of completing the work, and share it with everyone on YouTube, Twitter, FB and other platforms. We will praise your creative works;
7. High adaptability: the atomstack maker camera can be adapted to all Atomstack and Ortur, NEJE, xtool frame laser engraving machines (need to purchase lightburn software).

Brand: Atomstack Maker
Model: AC1
Pixel: 500W
Resolution: 2592*1944
Camera size: 42*42*29mm
Photography range: 400*410mm
Software: Lightburn
Driver: Driver-free for Windows/Mac systems 


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