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Atomstack R1 Pro Rotary Setup





1. Expansion of use scenarios: Inspired by industrial engraving machines, the atomstack maker R1 Pro multi-functional claw disc roller can break through the limitation of the plane and easily perform laser engraving on the surface of various special-shaped objects; 
2. Multi-function: Use the atomstack maker roller to realize cylindrical engraving, cans, round wood sticks, etc. (1-130mm); special-shaped objects: mugs with handles, tumblers, special-shaped cylinders, etc.; spheres: baseballs, glass balls, table tennis balls and other pure round spheres (4-200mm); Ring items: rings, bracelets, etc. (4-130mm); 
3. No installation required: As an industrial clamping tool customized for laser engraving machines, R1 Pro can be used out of the box without installation, and can be used quickly by connecting to a computer; 
4. Safe and stable: The R1 claw disc roller is composed of high-strength aluminum alloy material as a whole, and the claws are made of high-hardness brass, which is firm and reliable, and will not slip wire for long-term use;
5. Accurate and high speed: With the support of high-torque motor, the maximum engraving speed can reach 6000mm/min, and the engraving accuracy can reach 0.1mm;
6. High adaptability: atomstack maker R1 Pro multi-function roller can be adapted to all Atomstack and Ortur, NEJE, xtool and other frameworks; 

Brand: Atomstack Maker
Machine size: 300*101*122mm
Clamping size range: Cylinder: 1-130mm, Sphere: 4-200mm, Ring: 4-130mm
Engraving maximum speed: 6000mm/Min(1000mm/s)
Engraving precision: 0.1mm
Engraving weight: 6000mm/min (1000mm/s) can hold items within 1.5KG, 1800mm/min (300mm/s) can hold items within 10KG with the suction cup bracket
Rotation angle: 0-90° 


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