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9 Top Housewarming Laser Projects for Every New Home


Moving into a new home is a big moment in life. Getting a thoughtful gift for friends or family's new place not only adds warmth to their new life but also blesses their fresh start. If you have a laser engraving machine or are planning to buy one, you can make these unique housewarming gifts we provided by yourself. In this article, we have selected 9 popular and practical gift ideas, and provided some design files and detailed instructions. We hope this will help you create your favorite gifts with ease.


1.Home key holder

This home key holder not only helps them maintain tidiness at the front door but also makes it convenient for them to find keys, avoiding the hassle of misplacing them. To make this item, you'll need wood and glue. Just import the design file into LightBurn, wait for the laser cutter to finish cutting, then assemble the pieces and secure them with glue to finish. You can find the design file for this camping-style key holder on Creatorally. After making it, you can paint it whatever color you like. It's a simple but thoughtful housewarming gift.

Home key holder


2.Door sign

A beautiful door sign helps guests easily find the house. Door signs come in many styles, each tailored to the tastes and decor of the new homeowners. You can engrave their names or address on the sign, or even a blessing like "bless this home and all who enter."

Door sign


3.Home notepad

Making them a home notepad is an extremely practical gift. In their new life, taking notes and jotting down important things is crucial. These notepads can be placed anywhere in the house, like the kitchen, office, or living room. They provide a convenient spot for the new homeowners to jot down ideas, tasks, or shopping lists anytime. Additionally, some home notepads may have magnets, making it easy to stick them on the fridge or magnetic board, ensuring important tasks are always visible.

Home notepad


4.Tissue box

Tissue boxes are common and useful household items. You can make a unique tissue box as a housewarming gift for them. It provides a convenient and clean way to get tissues whenever needed in the new home, whether for blowing your nose, wiping your hands, or cleaning up spills. So, if you want to make a wooden, exquisite tissue box for your friend using a laser cutting machine, you can find the design files for this tissue box on Creatorally.

Tissue box


5.Wine holder

When you're invited to visit their new home, bring them a bottle of wine and a beautiful wine holder is the perfect gift to congratulate them on their new home. You can make a large wine rack that holds multiple bottles for your friends or family, or create a small and delicate wine bottle holder based on the homeowner's preferences and space requirements. With just a laser cutting machine and some wood, you can assemble a cool wine holder. You can find more wine holder design files on Creatorally. Hurry up and make a unique wine holder housewarming gift for your friends!

Wine holder



Mugs are a popular choice for gifts. You can giving them a set of beautiful ceramic mugs, perfect for morning coffee or evening hot chocolate, allows the new homeowners to enjoy cozy moments at home. But you can make a special mug for them with your laser engraving machine. You can engrave a cute pattern or your blessings on the mug with assistance of roller engraving accessories, making this ordinary gift meaningful.



7.Plants and flowers

Putting some green plants and colorful flowers in the new home is a common decorating method, and wooden and acrylic plants and flowers offer a beautiful and low-maintenance option. You can use a laser cutting machine to cut wood and then paint them, or you can directly cut colored acrylic to create various shapes of flowers. However, it's worth noting that if you choose acrylic material, it's best to use a CO2 laser cutting machine, such as the xTool P2 or Glowforge Pro, to ensure a perfect cutting result. Once completed, they typically have a realistic appearance of plants and flowers, requiring no watering or trimming. You can place them in different areas of the home, such as the living room or bedroom, to help beautify the space.

Plants and flowers
Plants and flowers


8.Plant label

Plant labels are a thoughtful gift choice, especially for friends or family who enjoy gardening. These labels are typically small and delicate, used to mark the names or varieties of plants. You can choose to pair the plants with labels made of kraft paper, which not only helps the owner identify and care for the plants but also adds a sense of beauty and organization.

Plant label


9.Kitchen sign

Kitchen signs are a personalized and functional gift choice, perfect for any family passionate about cooking. These signs are usually designed to be simple, serving both decorative and directional purposes in the kitchen, indicating different areas like the coffee corner, tea station, spice area, etc. You can choose from a variety of kitchen signs, from classic wooden signs to modern metal or plastic signs, each tailored to the new homeowners' personal taste and kitchen decor style. Some signs may feature fun patterns or humorous words, adding a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere to the kitchen.

Kitchen sign



We hope this sharing of housewarming gift ideas can inspire you to make the most of your laser cutting machine. Don't forget to subscribe to Creatorally's newsletter for more creative ideas for various occasions and holidays. Even if you're a beginner with a laser cutting machine, we can help you grow quickly and unlock more of its potential.


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