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How to Make an Easter Egg Tree With a Laser Cutter


Materails:3         Time: 35mins        Difficulty level: easy


Easter is around the corner, and are you looking to make some special decorations to spruce up your home? In this article, I'll provide detailed guidance on how to use a laser cutter to make a charming Easter egg tree decoration. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced craft enthusiast, this guide will help you complete this fun project.

This adorable Easter egg tree features the most beloved elements of Easter: eggs and bunnies. It not only looks beautiful but is also easy to make. It was designed by Creatorally where you can get this laser cutting file. Then, you can start preparing for this laser project.


Materials and Tools Preparation:


  • 3mm wooden board
  • Glue
  • Paints


  • Atomstack A20 20W laser cutter
  • Design files
  • Brushes


Step One: Cutting Process

1.Place the wooden board into the laser cutter.
2.Turn on the laser cutter and upload the design files to lightburn.

3.Cut according to the following settings:

  • Line Engraving: Power 80%, Speed 6000mm/min
  • Fill Engraving: Power 60%, Speed 10000mm/min
  • Cutting: Power 100%, Speed 350mm/min, Turn on air assist.

4.Start cutting and wait for completion.


Step Two: Assembly and Coloring Process

1.Check the cut parts.
2.Paint each part and wait for them to dry.

3.Use glue to attach these eggs on the tree.

4.Insert the little bunny and the tree into the base.

5.Once the assembly and coloring process is complete, your Easter egg tree decoration is ready!

When coloring, you can choose your favorite colors and add details and patterns to make your egg tree more vivid. You can watch our coloring video here.



Let’s do it right away and start creating! Feel free to leave comments; we look forward to seeing the unique Easter decorations you make. We'll keep updating tutorials for fun and beautiful laser projects, so don't forget to subscribe to Creatorally's newsletter!


Very detailed tutorial, Thumbs up for you

Mark Thompson

Cute and easy one that’s really helped me out.

Mark Thompson

so cute! looks not difficult

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