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How to Make a Gnome Home Decor for St. Patrick's Day With Laser Engraver


Materails:2    Time: 20mins    Difficulty level: easy

Because gnomes are seen as mysterious and fun characters in Irish stories, people often choose to use them as decorations for celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Creatorally has designed several different kinds of gnomes decorations for this lively holiday. In this article, we'll give you detailed instructions to help you learn how to use a laser engraving machine to make gnomes decorations.

First, you need to get the laser-cut design files for these different styles of gnomes. You can find them in the St. Patrick's collection on Creatorally. Today, let's make this simple wooden gnome decoration shown in the picture below.

Tools and materials used in this project are also simple. You just need to have a laser cutting machine and prepare a piece of 3mm wood board. If you want to paint the cut-out gnome with your favorite colors, you'll also need a few brushes and paint.

With the design files and materials ready, you can now start making. The steps are very simple.

First, upload the files to the LightBurn and check if the image size is appropriate. If it's okay, you can proceed to the next step; if you want it bigger or smaller, you can adjust according to your needs.

Then, set the cutting parameters. We used an Atomstack A20, 20w laser cutting machine. Here are the parameter data we used for your reference:


  • For engraving: power 80%; speed 6000mm/min; line engraving.
  • For cutting: power 100%; speed 350mm/min; turn on the air assist.


After waiting for the cutting to complete, you'll have this adorable gnome decoration.

Now you can paint it with any color you like! You can watch our video of coloring the gnome.

Using a laser cutter to make your own St. Patrick's Day home decorations is not only simple but also allows you to experience the fun of DIY. Let's all get started on making them. And if you want to learn more creative ideas and how to make these laser cutting projects, don't forget to subscribe to Creatorally's newsletter!


Is iontach simplí é seo, rinne mé é aon uair amháin agus bhí sé rathúil.

Evans Clark

This tutorial is pretty detailed and easy to follow. It’s a breeze to do!

Evans Clark
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