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How to Make Wooden Fridge Magnets with Laser Cutter


Fridge magnets serve as convenient tools for holding up notes, grocery lists, and other important reminders on the refrigerator door. They not only help keep your kitchen organized but also add a touch of personalization to your space. With the help of a laser cutter, making them has never been easier. In this tutorial, we'll walk you through the simple steps to craft your own wooden fridge magnets using a laser cutter. Whether you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of crafting, this guide will help you create your own wooden fridge magnets with ease.

The countdown to UEFA EURO 2024 is well and truly on, and we couldn't be more excited! As DIY enthusiasts, we've decided to celebrate this grand event by creating a series of wooden fridge magnets representing each host city of the tournament using a laser cutter. Today, we will show you how we made this fun fridge magnet as an example.


Materials Needed:

① 3mm plywood
② Glue
③ Small Round Disc Magnets
④ Laser Cutting File
⑤ Laser Cutter


Step 1: Set the File

If you're interested in make the same lovely fridge magnet, you can simply purchase the laser cutting file from Creatorally. Alternatively, you can also use your own file and follow the detailed instructions. First, upload your laser cutting file into the lightburn and check whether it's compatible with your laser cutter's specifications.

Step 2: Laser Cutting

1.Place the Wood: Place the wood onto the laser cutter's working area, ensuring it is securely positioned and flat.
2.Set Up the Laser Cutter: We are using the Atomstack A20 20W laser cutter.
Settings: Cutting: Speed: 350mm/min, Power: 100%
Fill: Speed: 10000mm/min, Power: 45%,
Line: Speed: 6000mm/min, Power: 80%
3.Air Assist Tips:
For Fill and Line: Turn off the air assist to ensure the surface stays clean.
For Cutting: Make sure to turn on the air assist to reduce burning marks.
4.Check the Frame: Click the frame button to ensure that the design will be cut within the working area.
5.Start Cutting: Once everything is set up and checked, start the cutting process.


Step 3: Embed the Small Round Disc Magnet

1.Prepare and Place the Magnet: Take out a small round disc magnet and decide where to place it. Typically, the center of the bottom is a good spot.
2.Attach the Magnet: There are two common methods to secure the magnet.

Drill a Hole and Use Glue: Drill a hole in the back of the wood piece, embed the magnet, and secure it with glue.

  • Provides a flush, professional finish as the magnet sits within the wood.
  • Ensures a stronger and more durable attachment, reducing the risk of the magnet coming loose.


Use Glue or Double-Sided Tape: Directly attach the magnet to the wood using strong adhesive or double-sided tape.

  • Easier and quicker to apply, suitable for those without drilling tools.
  • Allows for repositioning or removal of the magnet if needed.


A Method to Drill a Hole for Fridge Magnets with a Laser Cutter

Here, we share with you a method to drill a hole for fridge magnets using a laser cutter. This method ensures that the magnets are perfectly embedded and the edges are free of burn marks.

1.Measure the Magnet Diameter: First, measure the diameter of the magnet. Then, apply tape to the wood piece.

2.Create the Circle: In LightBurn, select the “Create Ellipse” tool, hold “Shift” to draw a circle, and adjust its size to match the magnet.

3.Reset the Laser Head: Put the Wood in the cutting area. Click “Home” in LightBurn's control panel and choose to start from “Absolute Coords”.

4.Set Cutting settings: Select the circle and set the Line parameters to Speed: 3000mm/min and Power: 100%. Use “Frame” to position the circle correctly. This process may require several adjustments to the right position. Then, Start the Line cut.

5.Remove the Tape: After cutting, remove the tape from the cut area, making sure the wood piece stays in place.
6.Set Fill Parameters: Change the mode to Fill, adjust the settings to Speed: 4000mm/min and Power: 100%, and then start the Fill operation.

7.Embed the Magnet: After filling, take out the wood piece and remove the surface tape to reveal a clean and perfect hole. Drop glue into the hole and put the magnet in.

By following these steps, you can use a laser cutter to drill a hole for fridge magnets, ensuring the magnets are perfectly embedded and the edges are clean.


Step4:Coloring and Fixing

This fridge magnet has three layers. So we need paint each layer with the right color, then glue them together. A lovely wooden fridge magnet is done!

Making wooden fridge magnets with a laser cutter is a fun and rewarding project. By following these simple steps, you can craft unique and personalized fridge magnets that are both functional and beautiful. If you liked this tutorial, follow Creatorally’s blog for more fun laser cutting projects and design inspiration. Happy crafting!


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