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What is National Pet Day? Let's All Love Pets Together!


Having pets has always been a passion for many people today. After all, having a pet is like having another family member who is there for you through joys and sorrows. However, getting a pet is not a decision to be made impulsively. While enjoying the happiness and warmth pets bring, it's also crucial to become a good pet owner! With the rising trend of pet ownership, many pet-related days and events have been established, constantly reminding us to cultivate a love for pets! Today, let's learn about National Pet Day, a significant global pet celebration, and explore recent major pet-related events with Creatorally.


Origin of National Pet Day

National Pet Day was established in 2006 by animal welfare advocate Colleen Paige, and is observed on April 11th. It aims to celebrate the joy and happiness pets bring to people. Additionally, it encourages potential pet owners to consider adopting from animal shelters instead of purchasing. The well-known motto "Don’t shop! Adopt." became popular because of this day. Initially starting in the United States, National Pet Day quickly gained international attention and became a globally recognized celebration. Many celebrities, including Taylor Swift, Jimmy Fallon, and Seth Meyers, have supported and promoted the day.


What to Do on International Pet Day?

Participating in National Pet Day is quite simple—it's a day entirely dedicated to your beloved pet! On this day, people show their love for their pets by taking them for walks, buying their favorite toys or treats to spoil them. For those who don't yet own a pet, it's a perfect day to visit a shelter and adopt their first pet.


DIY Laser-Cut Gift Ideas for Your Pet by Creatorally

If you are planning to prepare some practical and personalized holiday gifts for your pet, and you happen to have a laser engraving machine, and you are interested in wood crafts and custom gifts, you are welcome to explore more interesting and adorable gifts in the pet day project series at Creatorally. Below are some simple introductions to a few gifts for pets:

1.A cute wooden dog bed, customizable to your dog's breed. It provides a private space for your dog, ensuring they feel safe and comfortable. It also keeps them away from floor dust, mites, and other allergens, and prevents them from always lying on furniture like sofas and beds, thereby protecting these items and maintaining household hygiene Click here to get the laser cutting file.

A cute wooden dog bed

2.A wooden bowl holder to prevent your dog's food bowl from sliding while eating, which helps keep the feeding area tidy and facilitates easy cleaning. Elevating food and water bowls also helps prevent dust and debris from getting into the bowls, keeping your pet's food clean. Click here to get the laser cutting file.

3.A wooden cat maze box for cats who naturally love hiding places. The design includes multiple small compartments for security and comfort, promoting climbing and exploration activities that help maintain their physical agility and muscle strength. Click here to get the laser cutting file.

4.A wooden bird feeder, with its charming house shape, offers a safe space for birds to eat while keeping their food protected. Its design includes a roof that shields the food from the weather and a fence that not only adds beauty but also keeps the little birds safe. Click here to get the laser cutting file.


Other Pet-Related Events and Holidays in April

In the autumn of 2010, hundreds of animal protection groups in the Netherlands held the first "National Conference on Stray Animals," establishing World Stray Animals Day on April 4th. This date was chosen for its ease of remembrance and because it falls six months before World Animals Day on October 4th, reminding us to care for our pet family members. On World Stray Animals Day, many groups host activities, including adoption drives, free sterilization, and vaccination events. Whether you own a pet or not, everyone can participate by donating, volunteering, or adopting, actively contributing to the protection of stray animals. Remember, actions speak louder than words!

This sums up Creatorally's introduction to National Pet Day and related events. Whether you have pets or not, you can devote your energy to animal conservation, rescuing stray animals, or adopting a pet from a shelter on National Pet Day. Let's celebrate National Pet Day on April 11th and cherish our adorable furry family members!


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