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Assemble Your Atomstack F3 Bed - The Grand Reveal!



1. Replace the honeycomb panel: Atomstack grandly launched the matrix protective panel F3, which can completely replace the traditional honeycomb panel. 
2. One-piece design: no need to cut the backing board, just use F3 to protect your table from burning.
3. Large protective area: a single protective plate can obtain a protective area of 460*425mm.
4. Infinite extension design: Each F3 package will come with a connector. Buy two honeycomb panels and quickly assemble them into an extended honeycomb panel with a protective area of 460*850mm. It is perfectly suitable for all engraving machines of different brands after using extension rods. It can also be put into a professional CO2 engraving machine for cutting protection.
5. Better cutting effect: specially designed for laser cutting, the atomstack protective plate can eliminate the problems of conventional honeycomb panels after long-term use: there will be obvious honeycomb imprints on the back of the cutting object, which greatly affects the appearance of the work. Use the atomstack protection plate to obtain better cutting effect. 
6. High adaptability: the atomstack protective plate can be adapted to all Atomstack and Ortur, NEJE, xtool frame laser engraving machines, giving all-round protection.


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