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Meet Sculpfun SF A9 Laser Engraver


With its cutting-edge Sculpfun SF A9 laser engraver, the Sculpfun brand has expanded the creative possibilities in the field of laser engraving. For both hobbyists and small enterprises, this advanced Sculpfun SF A9 laser engraving machine offers unparalleled precision and versatility, in addition to powerful capabilities for professional artists and craftsmen.


Innovative Technical Details


With its strong 40W laser head, the SF A9 laser engraver stands out in the laser engraving market. The capability to easily cut through 20 mm plywood allows for the creation of small furniture pieces. Additionally, the machine can switch between 40W and 20W laser power to accommodate a variety of materials and projects. It combined two powers into one laser, so you can achieve laser engraving on almost any material without having to purchase two separate machines.With a maximum engraving speed of 36000mm/min, it guarantees effective performance without sacrificing accuracy.This means that a piece of work that may have previously taken an hour and a half to engrave can now be completed in an hour.