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What's the Latest Buzz in the Industry? Exciting Developments Await!


 XTOOL: Screen Printer



XTOOL has achieved great success on the laser engraver, and now there is new innovation. Its new product redefines the method of professional silk screen printing with laser technology, providing a simple, unlimited, and perfect art printing experience for beginners and professionals. This device greatly accelerates the plate-making speed through an innovative three-step process, reducing the traditional 2-3 days required for laser engraving to an average of just 1-3 hours to produce a screen plate, significantly improving efficiency.



Treating the screen printer as a derivative product of the laser engraver is a bold innovative attempt. Laser engraving innovation has opened up a new situation in the field of engraving. For those who are deeply interested in XTOOL's new products and are willing to make bold attempts, they will experience a brand new creative experience and technological breakthrough.


Three steps: easy operation

6x faster: less waiting time

Industrial-grade precision: engraving intricate designs

Vibrant colors: bring vitality and appeal


Multiple screen plates: different screen plates for different printing effects.

Singular: only suitable for flat materials


ELEGOO: Orange Storm Giga



ELEGOO Orange Storm Giga is a large industrial-grade 3D printer that can meet the printing needs of large models. It has a multi-nozzle printing function that can print multiple models of the same or different colors at the same time, greatly improving production efficiency. The printer is equipped with a multi-zone platform with independent heating, which can quickly reach the working temperature. In addition, this printer has a fast printing speed and is equipped with a high-performance processor. It also has a powerful cooling fan to ensure print quality, while intelligently saving energy and reducing noise.


In the review of the ELEGOO Orange Storm Giga, this printer excels with its generous 800mm x 800mm x 1000mm printing volume, making it effortless to print large-scale models and components. Its high-precision printing capability guarantees accurate details and delivers exceptional surface quality.


Large volume: meets user's needs for oversized models

Heats up quickly: reaching 90 degrees within 17 minutes.

Four nozzles: achieve four different colored models of the same kind

Double-sided cooling fans: enhance the model printing results

7-inch HD capacitive screen: support model preview and switching between eight languages

Large spool holder: accommodate filament spools up to 5kg

One-click automatic leveling: ensure the platform is level


Expensive: the price is several times that of other 3D printers

Storage space: only suitable for people who have a lot of storage space at home





CREALITY has launched the Ender 3 V3 KE, the latest upgrade to their popular Ender series. This 3D printer combines innovative technology with user-friendly design, aiming to provide printing enthusiasts with a smoother and more efficient user experience. The Ender 3 V3 KE emphasizes ease of use and reliability, and adopts a modern appearance design that can easily blend into various environments. CREALITY focuses on improving print quality and operational convenience on this new printer, striving to provide users with a more efficient and safe printing choice.


The Ender 3 V3 KE continues the excellent print quality of the upgraded CREALITY Ender series, adopting innovative technology to provide a smoother and more efficient user experience.


Structure: the rail has a smooth and steady carriage slide with ball bearings

Tab bar: real-time model preview and vivid motion graphics of printing parameters

AIgorithms: mitigates the printer's vibrations

Three methods: phone control, WiFi, and USB drive


Accuracy: detail performance are relatively low

No auto bed leveling: manual bed leveling requires experience and patience




X-MAKER 3D Printer, with all-new gamification 3D design App and easy-to-use one-press printing, dramatically lowers the barriers of 3D printing to help children and adults make their creativity touchable easier than ever. It uses advanced printing technology to improve printing efficiency while ensuring print quality. The structure of the device is both sturdy and stylish, suitable for various work environments. AOSEED emphasized the design considerations of the X-MAKER in terms of operational convenience and safety, aiming to provide users with a worry-free printing solution.



The feature of AOSEED X-MAKER is a compact, enclosed box-style 3D printer. It uses a closed design to provide better temperature and environmental control. This design helps to avoid the impact of external factors on print quality, while also reducing noise and protecting users from heat sources and moving parts.


Size: small in size, yet high in security

Convenient: ready to use right out of the box

Numerous creative models: unlimited creativity can be created as needed

Gamified 3D design tool: help you develop your thinking while having fun

Free design: satisfying any advanced creative needs

Eco-friendly materials: safer for home use


Volume: too small, not suitable for printing large objects.

Translation: translating Chinese to English has localization issues.


Personal Suggestion

Entry-level: AOSEED X-MAKER, the best 3D printer for beginners, offers user-friendly operation to turn imaginative ideas into reality effortlessly.

Intermediate-Level: CREALITY Ender 3 V3 KE, a cost-effective choice for experienced 3D printer users, offers a decent build volume and reliable print quality that suits budget-conscious makers.

Advanced-Level: ELEGOO Orange Storm Giga, with its large build volume and stable performance, caters to manufacturers needing ample space for large-scale printing of models and parts.



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