ATOMSTACK R3 Pro Rotary Roller Set and Engraving Module
ATOMSTACK R3 Pro Laser Rotary Roller

【Refurbished】ATOMSTACK R3 Pro Laser Rotary Roller Set Engraving Module for Cylindrical Object Cans Sculpture

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What is the refurbished machines and accessories?A refurbished machine or accessory will be assembled and installed by different parts from...
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Complete Your Creative Journey:

Creatorally selected honeycomb working panel for laser engravers
4pcs Birch Plywood 1/8" x 11.8" x 8.46"



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What is the refurbished machines and accessories?

A refurbished machine or accessory will be assembled and installed by different parts from different machines and accessories. If the parts used to assemble are from different colored machines and accessories, the refurbished one may look in many colors. But we could assure you that all refurbished products work as perfectly as the new one.


If you place an order with refurbished machines or accessories, that means you accept the above facts, we won't accept the request of refund and return by above reasons.

Note: Refurbished products aren't allowed to be returned and exchanged.

1. The diameter is adjustable in 8 gears, and the engraving diameter is as small as 4mm/0.16".
2. Concentric design, free to adjust the timing belt.
3. All metal structure, safe and stable.
4. Closed design, the motor is not exposed, which is safer.
5. Roller protruding design, barrier-free, the length of the engraving is not limited.  
6. One-piece rubber roller, hardness up to 70A, stronger friction, more stable engraving process. 
7. Engraving: lengthened cylinder, small diameter cylinder, super-long plate engraving, ultra-long plate cutting.
8. Suitable for 95% of engraving machines on the market, including ATOMSTACK, NEJE, Ortur, Twotrees, etc.  
9. No installation, no adjustment and use out of the box. 
10. Applicable machine types: frame engraving machine, portable engraving machine.
11. R3 PRO adds a support column to carve irregular round cup bodies such as goblets.

Model: R3 PRO
Product size: 260*90*105mm/10.24*3.54*4.13"  


Packing List:
4*Elevated seat
1*Support seat 
2*Bull's eye slider     


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