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How to Make a Mini Non-Woven Fabric Cactus Plant Using a Laser Engraving Machine?


Today, we're going to make a cute laser-cut project- a mini non-woven fabric cactus decoration. This small decorative item is easy to make and perfect for your spare time. In this blog, we will guide you step by step, making the process easy and enjoyable. Also, we have shared detailed tutorial videos on the Creatorally channel. You can choose to watch the videos or follow the written instructions, whichever you prefer. So, get your materials ready, and let's get started! Click here to get cactus laser cutting file.

Materials Needed:

  • Hot glue gun
  • Non-woven fabric in blue, green, orange, and red colors
  • A clip
  • Laser engraving machine
Materials Needed


Step-by-step Instructions:

First, you need to cut different colors of non-woven fabric according to the corresponding laser cutting files. You can get these design files from Creatorally.

1.Laser Cutting Settings:

We're using the Sculpfun iCube 5W laser cutter. These are the laser cutting settings we used while making it. You can use them as a reference.

  • Power: 100%
  • Speed: 800mm/min
  • One pass

When cutting blue non-woven fabric, setting the power to 100% and speed to 400mm/min makes it easier to remove the cut pieces.

2.Take out materials.

When the cutting is finished, take out the non-woven fabric. Separate the parts you need from the rest of the fabric. At this moment, you can turn on the hot glue gun to start preheating.

3.Fold the cactus.

While waiting for the hot glue gun to heat up, fold the green non-woven fabric in half.

4.Make the body of the cactus.

Take out a folded piece of green non-woven fabric with a stem and apply glue to it.

Then take a piece of blue non-woven fabric and stick the two pieces together. The edges of the blue non-woven fabric represent the spines of the cactus.

Next, take a piece of green circular non-woven fabric and stick it together with the blue piece.

The order for sticking the parts of the cactus body is as shown in the following picture:

If the non-woven fabric gets too thick to hold, use the clip we prepared.

After sticking all the green and blue non-woven fabrics in order, remove the clip. Then, you'll have a complete cactus body.

5.Stick the red petals to the cactus.

Stick the larger red petals to the top of the cactus. Then, stick the smaller petals on top of the larger ones.

Up to here, the cactus part is finished!

6.Make the flower pot for the cactus.

First, take the orange non-woven fabric and apply glue along the edge. Then stick another long, narrow strip to this edge.

Second step, roll it up and glue the ends together.

7.Stick the flower pot and the cactus together.

Put the cactus stem through a hole in another piece of orange fabric. Bend the sides of this fabric, put glue on them, and put it in the pot. Glue the ends inside the pot to hold it.

You can fix the cactus to the inside wall of the pot from the bottom. The last step is to adjust the petals' shape to make this mini cactus look its most charming.



And there you have it, a lovely mini non-woven fabric cactus that's as easy to make as it is charming! Our step-by-step guide ensures that even beginners can follow along with ease. For a more visual experience, you can also watch detailed instructional videos on Creatorally’s channel. If you're eager to make this cute cactus for yourself, consider purchasing the material bundle from Creatorally and get crafting!


Although it is only a small decoration, the author’s guidance is too detailed


Wow! This DIY project looks so cool! I think making a mini non-woven fabric cactus plant would be a lot of fun, and it doesn’t seem too difficult either. After reading this article, I can’t wait to give it a shot. Thanks to the author for sharing such a fun tutorial!


I really appreciate the detailed instructions provided by the author, making the whole process seem effortless. I’m ready to give it a try myself!

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