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How to Make a Wooden Flower Bouquet with a Laser Cutter: Step-by-Step Instructions


Materials: 4      Time: 50mins       Difficulty level: easy

Feeling stuck on what to get for Mother’s Day? Don’t worry! Let’s explore how easily you can make a beautiful and practical wooden flower bouquet with a laser cutter, making it the ideal gift for your mom. This DIY gift idea not only shows your thoughtfulness but also makes your mom feel happy. Through this blog, I’ll share my laser cutting files and detailed steps to help you make this special gift from start to finish. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced DIY enthusiast, join us in making an unforgettable gift for mom that makes this Mother’s Day extra special!

Wooden Flower Bouquet

Materials and Tools Needed

When making this wooden flower bouquet, I only used four key materials and tools, so there’s no need to worry about high costs or a complicated process. The procedure for this laser project is very simple. Here's what I use:


① 3mm Plywood
② Laser cutting files (Mother's day multi-layer bouquets laser cutting file and Mother's day vases 3D puzzle laser cutting file.) You can find all these premium plywood and fabulous laser designs in Creatorally Mother’s Day Collection.

 Laser Cutter(I use an Atomstack A20 20W laser cutter.)
 Adhesive (Glue)


How to make a flower bouquet

1.Cut the plywood. First, import the flower and vase laser cutting files into LightBurn. Then, put a piece of plywood within the machine's workspace. Next, input the settings in the LightBurn panel. For cutting, I set the power to 100% and the speed to 350mm/min. For engraving, I set the power to 60% and the speed to 8000mm/min. You can use these settings as a reference and adjust them based on the effect you want. Click the "Frame" to check the design within the workspace. Finally, start cutting.

2.Assemble the vase. After cutting, take out the vase and flowers and arrange them neatly. Take the base of the vase and one piece of the body, align their slots, and press firmly. Then, pick up the wooden block at the mouth of the vase, thread the body through it, and align the slots again, pressing firmly. Repeat this process for each piece of the body, threading it through the mouth and then through the base, aligning the slots at the top and bottom, and pressing firmly.

3.Glue the two layers of flowers together. These flowers are two parts. You'll need to glue these parts together in a two-tiered arrangement to create a three-dimensional effect. Apply glue to the back of the upper part, align it, and stick it onto the base of the lower part. Repeat the same steps to glue the remaining filler flowers in place.

4.Arrange the flowers. First, insert the main flowers into the vase. Then, gradually add the secondary flowers and leaves, making sure to maintain balance and layers. Finally, carefully observe and adjust the position and angle of the flowers until you achieve the desired effect.


Now that you have all the tools and inspiration you need, it's time to make a truly unforgettable Mother's Day gift for your mom. With Creatorally's beautifully designed laser cutting files, you can make a stunning wooden bouquet and vase that perfectly captures your love and appreciation. Follow the simple steps outlined above to craft your own unique creation, and watch as your mom's face lights up with joy. Don't wait any longer – show your mom how much she means to you with a personalized gift made just for her. Happy Mother's Day!


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