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Introducing the Atomstack A70 Pro: The World’s First 70W Diode Laser Cutter


Laser cutting and engraving technology has been constantly evolving and advancing, pushing the boundaries of efficiency and precision. In response to the growing demand for more advanced laser equipment, Atomstack has unveiled its groundbreaking new products – the Atomstack A70 Pro(500*400mm) and A70 Max(850*800mm). As the world's first 70W blue light laser engraver, it has quickly become the go-to choice for processing factory owners and DIY enthusiasts. Offering powerful performance and high efficiency, the Atomstack A70 Pro is an ideal replacement for traditional CO2 laser engravers. The launch of the Atomstack A70 Pro represents a significant advancement in laser cutting technology. In this article, let's explore the unique features of the Atomstack A70 Pro.

Introducing the Atomstack A70 Pro: The World’s First 70W Diode Laser Cutter



  • Incredible 70W Optical Power
  • Precise Focusing And Positioning System
  • Stable and strong motion structure
  • Further Details That Matter
  • Conclusion


Incredible 70W Optical Power

The Atomstack A70 Pro, tailored for professional use, offers outstanding efficiency in laser cutting and engraving tasks. Its impressive capabilities allow it to smoothly cut through materials such as 25mm thick acrylic, 30mm pine and tung wood, as well as 12mm MDF boards. Additionally, it can precisely slice 0.3mm stainless steel sheets in just a single pass. Featuring a unique laser configuration, the Atomstack A70 Pro enables users to effortlessly switch between 35W and 70W output power with the simple press of a button, providing unmatched flexibility for a variety of tasks, from detailed engravings to heavy-duty cutting. With this level of performance and versatility, you could even retire your CO2 laser engraver.

Introducing the Atomstack A70 Pro: The World’s First 70W Diode Laser Cutter


Precise Focusing And Positioning System

The Atomstack A70 Pro laser cutter distinguishes itself with a unique cross positioning system, greatly simplifying and enhancing the accuracy of the positioning process. The crosshairs provide a clear and precise reference point for users, allowing them to effortlessly align materials for cutting or engraving. This visual guide ensures that the setup is not only more accurate but also more intuitive, particularly useful when working on intricate designs or precise cuts. Complementing this, the Atomstack A70 Pro incorporates a dual-mode capability that offers both manual and automatic focus options. This reasonable feature allows users to achieve precise focus in just 8 seconds, significantly streamlining the setup process and enabling a quicker transition to actual work. 

Introducing the Atomstack A70 Pro: The World’s First 70W Diode Laser Cutter


Stable and strong motion structure

The Atomstack A70 Pro features a robust core motion structure with a dual-axis guide rail component, a design that enhances the machine's strength, stability, and speed. This dual-shaft driving system ensures smooth and precise movements, crucial for maintaining accuracy during intricate cutting and engraving tasks. Its sturdy build effectively resists vibrations and distortions, even at high speeds, ensuring clean and precise cuts without deviations, regardless of the material's hardness or thickness. Additionally, the speed advantage of this dual-shaft system makes the Atomstack A70 Pro stand out in the market, enabling it to complete complex tasks efficiently, a blessing for commercial settings and time-sensitive projects. 


Further Details That Matter

As we conclude our comprehensive exploration of the Atomstack A70 Pro, it's worth noting that this innovative laser cutter offers much more than what has been previously mentioned. Beyond its dual-axis driving system and efficient positioning capabilities, the A70 Pro boasts a power-resume function. In case of unexpected power outages, it accurately records the current progress. Once power is restored, the machine quickly resumes work, precisely continuing from where it stopped, ensuring continuity and efficiency of work. Additionally, the A70 Pro demonstrates exceptional engraving accuracy, achieving an impressive precision of 0.01mm even at high-speed operations of 400mm/s. This high-level precision generates excellent engraving results, excelling in both detailed work and overall presentation.

Moreover, with its built-in screen controller, the A70 Pro offers real-time control of the engraving machine without requiring a connection to a computer or smartphone. This convenience not only increases the user's flexibility in use but also greatly enhances operational ease.



In summary, the Atomstack A70 Pro not only achieves innovation in technology but also sets new standards in usability and reliability. For professional users and DIY enthusiasts, it is undoubtedly a powerful choice among laser cutters on the market, capable of handling a variety of complex and high-precision engraving needs. Whether for a hobby or professional production, the Atomstack A70 Pro is a trustworthy partner.


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Lucía Fernández

¡Una cortadora láser de 70W suena súper genial!

Lucía Fernández
David Thompson

The launch of the Atomstack A70 Pro, as the world’s first 70W diode laser cutter, is undoubtedly a breakthrough in the field of laser cutting and engraving. As someone who has been working in this area for a long time, I am full of expectation for its precision and efficiency. The innovations and changes this product will bring to the manufacturing industry are worth further exploration and study.

David Thompson
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