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Next-Gen Laser Engravers: Unveiling Creality Falcon2 Pro & Longer Nano - Elevating Craftsmanship and Efficiency


As technology advances, many new and exciting products have emerged on the market. Two machines, the Creality Falcon2 Pro and Longer Nano, are getting a lot of attention. In this article, we'll find out if they meet people's needs and introduce some pretty exciting new ideas.

Creality Falcon2 Pro

Creality Falcon2 Pro 22W/40W Enclosed Laser Engraver & Cutter

  • Top Enclosure and Sliding Design

      Creality, you might be familiar with their products in the 3D printing field, like the popular budget Ender series and K1 K1 Max, as well as a range of resin printers. Creality has been making these digital manufacturing tools for a while, but this isn't their first time introducing such products. They had some lower-powered products before, but last year they introduced the Creality Falcon 2, a good alternative to the popular X tool D1 series. However, it had a big drawback: it had an open gantry design, meaning all the light, dust, and smoke would spread out, which wasn't ideal. So, the manufacturer noticed this and quickly started innovating their machines. They began offering retrofit enclosures that could be used with the machine, but now they've started integrating it into the machine itself. So, the current Creality Falcon2 Pro has such a design. The frame of this machine is basically the same as the original Creality Falcon 2, but they've added more components around it, including a top enclosure. This enclosure doesn't open and close like a regular lid, it uses a sliding design. This sliding design doesn't need extra space, especially in limited work areas, like if you want to put it on a desk with cabinets above. Even if you open the lid, it won't hit the top of your cabinets.

      • Pull Out Tray and Internal Lighting

        This enclosure has a USB camera port that allows you to add a camera to it, which can then be directly connected to a computer. So, you can import the view into LightBurn software to preview the actual situation in the work area. This feature is very convenient, whether you're directly engraving on materials or cutting things out from materials and want to cut other things from the remaining scraps. The Creality Falcon2 Pro also includes a huge removable tray that can be completely taken out of the machine. As shown in the picture below, if your tray has accumulated a lot of dust and debris, you can take it out and dump it in the trash can, then continue using it. Additionally, the enclosure also comes with a light strip. On those open gantry machines, there's almost never any light, so this is one of the great features it adds.

        Creality Falcon2 Pro 22W/40W Enclosed Laser Engraver & Cutter

        • Safety and Extensive Compatibility

          The back of the Creality Falcon 2 Pro machine is equipped with a fan and duct system for exhausting fumes and smoke, to avoid air pollution in the work area. The design of the enclosure not only helps control fumes and smoke but also protects users from visible light emitted by the laser diode. The machine uses dyed polycarbonate plates, with thicker side panels to accommodate curved designs. The machine also comes with a pneumatic assist feature, where users can adjust the pressure of the gas using a rolling dial, to suit different engraving and cutting needs. Moreover, the machine has three indicators — air, fire, and lens indicators — that provide additional safety. These indicators can be controlled via software, ensuring the machine operates under the right conditions. The machine also has a lid sensor to prevent accidental operation when the lid is open. The Creality Falcon 2 Pro also supports various connection methods, including USB and SD cards, making operation more convenient. Finally, the machine provides a 40-watt laser module, suitable for high-precision engraving and cutting, while also offering options for lower power. Overall, this machine combines high efficiency, safety, and user-friendliness, suitable for various engraving and cutting applications.   

          Creality Falcon2 Pro 22W/40W Enclosed Laser Engraver & Cutter

          Longer Nano

          Longer Nano: 6W & 12W Affordable & Portable Laser Engraver
          • Affordable and Portable

          The Longer Nano is a newly launched, affordable, and portable laser engraver available in two models: 6W and 12W, starting at $299. It offers great value for money and is beginner-friendly. With its simple and easy-to-use design, you don't need complex setups or operations. Its handheld design allows you to move freely, without being confined to one place, enabling you to operate it anywhere you need without space constraints.

          • Efficient Cutting, Precise Control

          It ensures high efficiency without compromising quality because of 450nm diode laser and an impressive engraving speed of 2200mm/s. The 12W model effortlessly cuts materials up to 8.5mm thick, while the 6W model handles materials up to 4mm thick, suitable for various projects. Its user-friendly app interface seamlessly controls and customizes engraving projects, making creativity effortless. The addition of a claw attachment enables carving on curved surfaces, expanding creative possibilities. 

          • Extension Flexibilityand Software Compatibility

            With an extension rod, the Longer Nano enhances flexibility for larger projects, extending the engraving area up to 100*300mm. It supports industry-standard software solutions like Lightburn and LaserGRBL, along with its proprietary app, LaserBurn, providing users with flexibility and convenience in their engraving projects.

            Longer Nano: 6W & 12W Affordable & Portable Laser Engraver


            The Longer Nano series features Field Lens technology, ensuring even printing, enhancing overall quality and precision. Its material engraving diversity ranges from metals and ceramics to wood and leather, freeing you from material limitations and allowing you to unleash your creativity with different projects and designs. Whether you want to create personalized metal jewelry or carve wooden crafts, the Longer Nano meets your needs, fostering creativity and skill development.


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